About 3:16 VBC

3:16 Volleyball Club was founded by parents, coaches and players who yearned for a higher-quality, yet more affordable, club volleyball experience than we were familiar with. Named after Highway 316, we added-in a colon to create 3:16 (as in the biblical verse John 3:16) because we promise to exist and operate by the Christian principles we believe: high moral character, honesty, love and compassion, without sacrificing a passionate desire for victory.

We aspire to offer superior club volleyball opportunities to young athletes through respectful coaching, centering on specific, positive feedback that never “tears down” any player. We will develop well-rounded players who benefit not only from learning quality volleyball skills, but also by being taught life lessons along the way – things like leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, goal-setting and positive thinking. Our coaches must learn and vow to implement our style of instruction before they ever set foot on our courts.

Our players and parents will notice and enjoy clean, comfortable, safer, family-friendly surroundings, unparalleled customer service, fewer travel expenses, no fundraising or “nickle and diming” for more money, and maybe even a “wow” or two along the way. We will grow relationships by getting to know our customers. We will talk to them rather than seeing them only as the holder of a credit card. We will make ourselves available to them. We will try as hard as we can to make the 3:16 Volleyball Club experience ideal.


What makes 3:16 Volleyball Club different?

Many things. Probably the most important difference is our style of coaching. We recognize that -- regardless of the outcome of an athlete's attempt -- inside that attempt is something positive. We mention that first, before coaching the athlete on what she did incorrectly or how she can improve. This specific, positive feedback is critical to growing confidence; other clubs/coaches believe that "tearing down" players is okay. We disagree and know otherwise.

What ages do you train?

Teens 11-18 years of age.

Is the club exclusively for girls?

At this time this is just a girls club. However if there is interest we may add boys in the future.

Is this a volleyball club solely for Christians?

No. Girls of any faith (or no faith, for that matter) can play for us. Our club's owners are Christian and run the club based on Christian values. We simply run our facility in a way that will hopefully receive God’s blessing.

Will there be any praying or Bible studies?

We will not require praying, nor teach Bible studies, however, if a team or individuals decide to pray before a practice or match, create a Small Group, or have a religious study time on our premises, we will honor that.

Will we have to sell things to our friends for fundraising?

No. Having a child in club sports is enough of a time commitment in itself.

Will there be lots of extra, unseen costs?

Our goal is to keep everything as simple as possible, including our tournament travel schedule. We plan to schedule tournaments from a "local is better" mindset, reducing the need for overnight stays, airline flights, or lengthy car trips. While there may be out-of-town tournaments with added costs, we plan to keep those to a minimum. All other costs (like uniforms, for example) are included in the published pricing.

My daughter wants to play in college. By playing for a larger club, won't she get more attention from college coaches?

To put it simply, no. It's a common misconception that the big, expensive teen clubs have some magical access to college coaches, or that these coaches go watch teams only from big clubs at tournaments. Having gone through the recruitment process with our teenage daughter, we know that's not true. College coaches go to watch athletes they're interested in, not clubs.

The crazy-fun ride of recruiting (getting colleges interested in your daughter) is largely determined by the effort your teenager puts into the process. She needs to be the one who contacts coaches she's interested in playing for. She needs to send them a highlight video. She needs to be the one handling all of the follow-up calls and emails. The more work and professionalism she's willing to put into the process, the more awareness she'll generate. The club she plays for can/should be willing to send a recommendation email to specific coaches, and give pointers and ideas to the athlete and parents, but the key to recruiting lies with the athlete herself.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept most major credit cards including Mastercard, Discover, Visa and American Express. Online payents can be made from our Sign Up page.

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