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The club season continues into April, May or June, depending on each team’s age-range and skill level. Some local tournaments are just one-day events. Other tournaments often last two days (Saturday & Sunday,) but may also be longer and include Thursdays, Fridays and/or Mondays.

We plan to keep our club’s tournament schedule mostly local, attempting to stay in north Georgia, but perhaps visiting a neighboring state, if we choose. Ultimately, we want to keep costs down as much as possible while also playing in quality tournaments.


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We plan to fill 8 teams consisting of approximately 10 players each. The ages of the teams will be determined by how much interest we receive from each age group.


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We aspire to have our own facility in the near future. Our new home for this season is Sugar Hill Christian Academy!

4600 Nelson Brogdon Blvd
Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Each team’s practices will be held:
  • Two weeknights (Mon – Thur) and
  • Sundays after 1:00pm
  • Exact scheduling TBD


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Girls 11 years to 18 years


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We expect to enter our teams into 7 – 8 tournaments, most of which will be local (Atlanta, Dalton, Forest Park) but may also include “drive-able” cities, like Chattanooga, Gatlinburg, or Birmingham. The exact schedule will be finalized once the individual teams are determined.


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Pick up a brochure at one of our events, or you can call or email for pricing. 770.601.2911

316 does not use high pressure tactics to entice you to sign up. We want you to take time to decide which club best-suits the player’s personality and expectations.

1 Open Gym

The club season kicks-off every Fall with several OPEN GYM dates, where players & parents can meet the coaches and get a general ‘feel’ for the club’s environment.

2 Training for Tryouts

Following the last OPEN GYM there are 2 – 3 nights for TRAINING FOR TRYOUTS, which is exactly what it sounds like — the athletes train hard for the upcoming club team tryouts.

3 Tryouts

TRYOUTS are then conducted over two evenings. Coaches & directors evaluate each player’s strengths, weaknesses, coach-ability, etc., to determine which team each player should be on. Generally, an invitation to join a particular team is made that day, and the parents & athlete have a few days to contemplate all offers from whichever clubs they have tried out.

4 Commitment Night

At COMMITMENT NIGHT athletes & parents sign the contracts expressing their desire and willingness to play and the initial installment payment is made.

After COMMITMENT NIGHT teams begin practicing at their scheduled days/times, working towards being very competitive when the tournaments begin in January.

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