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A Parent

I have watched (my daughter) grow leaps and bounds since last season. In the world of coaching, it’s rare that you guys get the recognition you deserve.  Today I salute a job well done!

~ A Parent

A Parent

In a world where people can complain and constantly be negative, I wanted to make sure I took the time to acknowledge a job well-done.  We came from a school with a hugely competitive volleyball program in (another state.)  (Coach Natalie) has really brought (the team) to the next level.

~ A Parent


Y’all have been a saving grace this summer. Thank you!!!♥♥♥


Gaby D.

I loved playing for this club. Thank you for giving me such a warm welcome and an amazing experience.

~ Gaby D.


Every time I come to this club, whether it’s open gyms or training for tryouts, I always feel safe.  Other clubs I’ve played at have always given the feeling like we have to win (so the club gets) more money rather than play to have fun. But every time I come here, the coaches always make me feel comforted and encouraged.  Whether your (sic) a beginning player or more advanced, they always have tips for you to continue to better yourself. Also, it feels like they want you to have fun while improving rather than focusing on improving only to win.  Since I started (volleyball) in 7th grade, I have been coming to open gyms and I have always improved my skills.  I for sure will continue to come to 3:16 for the rest of my volleyball career!

~ Brooke

Sherley R.

“I want to take the opportunity to let you know how much (my daughter) is enjoying playing for 3:16!  She had only ever played at (another local club,) so we weren’t sure how it would go, but she is loving it!”

~ Sherley R.

One of our 16’s players

“These are the best coaches of all time and they inspire and motivate me to become better.”

~ One of our 16’s players

Daniele B.

“Thank you for showing (the girls) how to have fun when playing volleyball.”

~ Daniele B.

One of our athletes

“Coach Yo made me love the sport again, after high school volleyball burnt me out.”

~ One of our athletes

Mike B.

“My daughter’s skills have progressed more in the last month than she did an entire season at (XYZ) Club.”

~ Mike B.

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